Inside Out

Still deciding. 
Maybe deciding until forever.
Or until tickets sell out.
Or until I soundlessly implode and burn inside out without anybody noticing
till there’s nothing left from me but white hot ashes.

We’ll see.
Dear heart and brain,
It’d be an indecent amount of money, I’d be attending alone (saddest thing EVER) and, besides, I’d be literally UNABLE of having a single bite and you both know it.
So, please and pretty please, STOP NAGGING ME, you greedy pair of insatiable sonofabitches. For it’s more than three months to go and I am already weary of the both of you.
Especially you, heart. I won’t have you yelling in regret all summer long.
So. Let. Go. Of. It.
Damn. Bloody. Hel.

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