Reboot my Soul

The original post below was jotted down on a R2 Sud line train while I was heading home from work—the rune chart on the picture above was actually scribbled at work. Not that I am proud of any of the former, just stating raw facts. The whole thing was intended to be a Facebook post, which was published 10th June 2017, and ended being also a statement of affairs, a declaration of intentions, and a bleeding confession right from the bottom of my soul. 

There, that’s how the most intimate essence of a human being stirs, awakens, and breaks loose. 

Dear all,
I am more than happy to announce that good ol’ sharp-witted, history nerd, dead-language obsessive freak Trix has fully awakened once and for all. As many of you know, many years ago I started a quite challeging journey, one that demanded a huge deal of stamina, commitement, focus and self-discipline from its very beginning. To add some more fun to the pressure party I wasn’t alone in my quest—some loved ones were by my side both believing and supporting me in my endeavour. So I had no choice but to make some drastic decissions regarding good ol’Trix. Since putting her to sleep was out of the question—trust me, you wouldn’t like to put neither her resilience nor her stubborness to the test—I stuffed her onto a sort of Nostromo-like hypersleep capsule and hoped her hibernation to be as deep and painless as such a thing could be. I felt her stirring fiercely once or twice, but I managed to keep the thing under control while necessary.
That journey ended a while ago and, after a brief period of blissful calm, I sensed the beast stirring again. And now she’s broken loose and I have no reason whatsoever to restrain her anymore. Not that I am sure I could have avoided it to do so, either. Not this time, not any longer. 

So there we go again, all glee, experience, and amazement in full bloom. So far I couln’t be more excited—it’s being a hell of a ride! Ol’Trixie is finaly free. And she is back, she’s back for good, and she’s here to stay.

P.S: Sorry for the inaccuracies in the chart… believe me, it was neither the best situation nor the best moment to even make the attempt, but I managed all the same 😀😀. Anyway, it needs to be improved ASAP and I know it.

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